Rob Irving is driven by a spiritual and libertarian thirst for goodness (above niceness), compassion, and the delivery of others from the shackles of ignorance of “conventional wisdom”.  Rob believes that evil is a malevolent but necessary force that allows choice – it is better for a human being to choose to be good than to be good for no good reason.  Without temptation and choice we are but “lemmings” or cogs of a machine.  We should try to awaken, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and after doing so help others to do likewise – but only if they choose to!

Rob feels very lucky, in this life at least, to be born at a time and place (in Great Britain) where he can enjoy relative freedom.  He is an active member of the Church of England mainly because this is the most accommodating institution for his heretical and irreligious views.  He does, however, wish that the Church of England could make much more of its unique (and diverse) position to help spiritual seekers of all kinds.  He’s particular influenced by the likes of Buddhism and Kabbalah.

Rob is also an unashamed capitalist, though abhors cronyism and corporatism.  He believes people should be allowed to rise and fall and take responsibility for their actions.  Everyone has a right to a feedback loop, such as karma, which helps them grow in wisdom and understanding.  If people are mollycoddled their life-force is extinguished.  This is one reason why he sees overly-generous welfare states and national health services as immoral and stifling to the lives of those they purport to serve.  Again, a viewpoint where long-term compassion trumps short-terms “right on” niceness.